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5″ Twin Deluxe Caster Set

About this item
    • 5″ Twin Deluxe Replacement Caster Set
    • Deluxe Caster – 5” Twin
    • Dual Reinforcement Into The Caster Fittings Add Additional Support
    • Tread Lock Secures The Caster Wheels From The Top
    • Twin Wheel Casters Have Threaded Stem For Extra Security And Safety
    • Positive Engaging Lock Holds The Wheel Securely So There Is No Rotation When Locked
    • Unique Design Allows Easy Movement On Hard Surfaces And Helps Eliminate The Wheel From Falling Into Cracks
    • Soft Non Marking Tread (It Will Not Leave Black Marks, Or Leave Groves In Wood Or Vinyl)
    • Non Rust Plastic Body And Wheels
    • High Load Capacity (160 Pounds), Non Slip Tread, Double The Tread Surface For Superior Breaking, Easy Reach Brake Tab
  • Make & Model
    Certifications & Standards
    Aftermarket Replacement
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