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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to individuals?

Our business model has always been B2B exclusively to professional healthcare facilities.
We will  Sell to Individuals Using a Prepaid Payment Method. Certain Restriction Apply, Please Call Customer Support at 941-342-7725

How do I open an account?

Click here to register and our team will contact you regarding your account.

Do you sell equipment?

Yes, We Sell Completed Products for All The Parts We Sell… And More!

Do you sell to hospitals?

Yes, Absolutely

Do you have a minimum order?
There is no minimum for items we stock.  Drop Ship Orders may be subject a minimum order requirement which would be specified by the manufacturers term.
What are OEM products?
OEM products are items produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These items are produced directly by the manufacturer for use with a product by the manufacturer.
What does hospital grade mean?

Hospital grade means that the product’s assembly or outlet meets the requirements for a “Hospital Grade” plug or receptacle.  Guidelines Include:

  • A slightly longer ground blade so that it stays engaged with the ground circuit until the power blades are completely disengaged.
  • Strength requirements for the strain relief and connections of the conductors to the blade terminals themselves.
  • The cable needs to meet certain minimum UL standards.
  • The blades must fit into the receptacle and hold with a certain degree of force
  • “Hospital Grade “ plugs and receptacles will have a Green dot affixed to the face to indicate that rating. 
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