Universal TV Remotes

Universal TV Remotes

ORDER# 42-100CRB… $12.95 Ea.

  • Universal TV Clean Remote®
  • An Ideal Solution For Facilities That Have Non-private Rooms (Two or More Beds / TVs)
  • Scientifically Tested To Carry 99% Less Bacteria Than All Other Remotes Evaluated
  • Easy Wipe Nonporous Surface Makes It Easy To Clean And Disinfect with Any Sanitizing Solution
  • Big Buttons And Simplified Layout Makes It Easy For Patients to Operate
  • Easy Setup And Never Has To Be Reprogrammed Even If Batteries Are Removed. Patients Cannot Alter Programming or Change TV Settings
  • Hidden Battery Compartment with Attached Door and Optional Screw Included prevents tampering
  • What Is Multi-Bed, Bed A/B or Multi-code? A technology Healthcare TV Manufacturers Use To Prevent The Interference between TVs And Their Remotes When Multiple TVs Of the Same Brand Are Used In Close Proximity
  • Requires Two 193-DAAA, AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Instructions

ORDER# 42-100B… $6.95 Ea.

  • Universal TV Remote Control
  • No Programming Required For Philips, LG, Samsung, RCA, Hisense, Panasonic, Vizio, Magnavox And Zenith, Just Add Batteries And It Works
  • Can Also Be Easily Reprogrammed For 250 Other TV Brands
  • Closed Captioning And Sleep Buttons
  • No Menu Function To Prevent Guest From Changing TV Settings
  • Includes Optional Screw For Battery Cover
  • Retains Code When Batteries Die Or Are Removed
  • Requires Two 193-DAA, AA Batteries (Not Included)

ORDER# 42-100CR1… $12.95 Ea.

  • ORIGINAL Universal Clean Remote®
  • TV Only One-Touch Setup
  • No Codes Required
  • Works With 250 TV Brands (Hospitality, Healthcare And Consumer TVs)
  • Scientifically Tested To Carry 99% Less Bacteria Than All Other Remotes
  • Spillproof Easy-Wipe Nonporous Surface Makes It Easy To Clean And Disinfect
  • Hidden Battery Compartment With Attached Door And Optional Screw
  • Guests Can’t Change Settings
  • Requires Two 193-DAAA, AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Instructions

ORDER# 42-PC100… $15.95 Ea.

  • Works with most TVs
  • Waterproof and dishwasher safe
  • Withstands many abrasive chemicals
  • Large, easy-to-read buttons
  • It’s a fact of life; germs can spread when something is used repeatedly by multitudes of people. The Pure Control breaks that cycle and puts you in control of much more than just the television. Its antimicrobial coating kills bacteria on the surface. The remote is water-resistant and able to withstand abrasive chemicals.


  • “The Easiest Remote Ever”
  • The EasyMote features 6 large and bright buttons light up when pressed, along with a red flashing light that indicates use
  • The EasyMote gives you access to your TV and cable box without being confused the un-necessary buttons on modern day remotes
  • Requires Two AAA Batteries (Not Included)

ORDER# 42-100CR4… $10.95 Ea.

  • Clean Remote® CR4 For All Samsung© and LG© TVs
  • Operates All Samsung And LG Televisions, Just Add Batteries (No Programming Required)
  • Controls Lynk Reach® And Pro:Centric® Functions
  • Clinically Tested To Be 99% Cleaner Than Traditional Remotes
  • Hidden And Attached Battery Cover With Optional Screw Included
  • Spill-Proof And Easy To Sanitize
  • Requires Two 193-DAAA, AAA Batteries (Not Included)