• Patients have all chains at an arm’s length 
  • Installation ready
  • No tools required; installs in seconds 
  • No more lights broken in the “On” position
  • Low initial cost (less than repair cost) 
  • Easy to see
  • Fits all standard bed rails (round to square)
  • Can be used over and over (nothing to replace)
  • Durable 100% nylon hook and loop (can be disinfected)
  • Helps prevent against shock hazard
  • Attaches to any chain
  • Comes with a 48” white nylon string with #10 ABS balls and a ABS connector for #6,#8 or #10 ball chain
  • To prevent damage to switches , a release of 5lbs. (+/-2lbs) is part of the design


  • How it works: When the rail is lowered or the bed is moved, the two straps are pulled apart by the rail and are no longer secured together
  • ORDER# 25-1102… $65.00/Pk, Save-A-Switch, 10/Pack

  • ORDER# 25-1102-XC… $4.50/Pk, White Bead Chain Connector, 10/Pack

  • ORDER# 25-1102-CH… $50.00/Ea, White Plastic Bead Chain, 100′ Roll