Reliant RPL450-2 Parts

Reliant RPL450-2 Lift

1)12-1184Actuator – Up/Down
2)12-1197Battery Pack With Batteries
 12-11972Replacement Batteries Only
 12-1200Battery Charger
 12-1202Power Cord
3)12-9010Controller, Lift Up/Down & Legs In/Out
 12-1198RBReplacement Emergency Button Kit
4)12-9014Complete Hardware Kit,  Boom & Hanger
5)12-89983″ Twin Swivel Caster
6)12-11675″ Rear Caster, Locking, Ea.
 12-1167KIT5″ Rear Caster, Locking, Set of 2
7)12-9006Actuator – Legs
8)12-9018Latch Kit For Sling, 6/Pkg.
9)12-8963Bumper Pad, Foam
10)12-1139Boot, Black Rubber
11)12-119624-Button Handset
12)12-1161Front Leg Cover
13)12-1162Rear Leg Cover
14)12-9004Plasic Shroud, Black
 12-1128Shroud Clip
15)12-1115Tie Rod
16)12-9017Hanger Bar, 6-Point
 12-5015Hanger Bar Pad
18)12-1172Screw, Hex Head (1/2-13 x 2-1/4″)
 12-1173Washer, Uses 2
 12-1174Locknut (1/2-13)
19)12-1179Screw, Button Head W/Patch
20)12-1133Screw, Socket Head Shoulder (3/8 x 1-1/2″)
 12-1135Locknut (5/16-18)