210 Safe-T-Mate


The Safe•T Mate Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device Is Intended As A Supplemental Attachment And Not A Replacement For Factory Installed Hand Brakes. It Is Recommended For Wheelchair Users With Poor Safety Awareness Who Forget To Set The Manual Hand Brakes Before Exiting Or Entering The Wheelchair. This Device May Also Be Appropriate For Use With Higher Functioning Individuals To Assist In Activities Of Daily Living.

ORDER# 22-7001… 16″-20″ Standard chairs, $169.95 Ea.
ORDER# 22-7001W… 22″-24″ Wide chairs, $169.95 Ea.
ORDER# 22-7001SM… 14-1/2″ – 17-1/2″ Narrow Chairs, $169.95 Ea.

ORDER# 22-SX5KIT… $17.95 Ea.
Adapter Kit for Use on TRSX5 Reclining Chairs (instructions)

Parts List


ORDER# 22-7008… $55.00 Pr.

Rear Anti-tippers are installed and adjusted to a position that causes them to make contact with the floor when the wheelchair is tilted backward. Thus preventing chair from tilting and tipping over backward.


ORDER# 22-7011… $78.00 Pr.

Safe•t mate Front Anti-tippers have five height adjustments to accommodate variable height wheelchairs from full height to low hemi chairs.
• Fits both 7/8″ and 1″ frame diameter
• Manufactured from heavy gage chrome plated steel
• 2” easy gliding wheels
• Mounting hardware and easy to follow installation instructions included


ORDER# 22-sM015… $35.00 Pr.

This pair of heavy gage chrome plated steel brackets moves a typical oxygen cylinder pouch away from contact with the wheelchair seat back.

This makes the use of these convenient tank holders much more comfortable for the user by relieving the pressure caused by the tank pressing directly against the users back.


ORDER# 22-7019… $45.00 Pr.

These hand grip extensions are perfect for low wheelchairs. They help staff maintain a more upright position when transporting residents and that promotes better back health! They fit most wheelchairs and install in minutes. No need to remove existing grips. Raises hand grip height by 5″.


ORDER# 22-7006… $27.00 Ea.

This durable coated nylon banner presents an imposing visual barrier. It’s sure to deter wandering residents from entering restricted areas. Infinitely adjustable 1” wide nylon straps can span an opening up to 60” wide. Two or more can be easily connected to span wider openings. The banner attaches to steel door casings with adhesive hook and loop (provided) or can be screwed (one side only) to wood casings through pre installed grommets. Machine wash / line dry.


ORDER# 22-7003… $23.99 Set

This product solves the problems associated with managing patient specific wheelchair accessories. How often do leg rests get left off or a lap cushion forgotten because staff members are not familiar with a patient? New employees or staff who float can benefit from this system. Each chair can be outfitted with a flexible plastic bracket that has a replaceable vinyl label. Each label contains spaces for the patient name, room number, chair accessories and total chair weight. 
Each unit contains the following: A set of 10 brackets & a roll of 50 replaceable vinyl labels


ORDER# 22-7005… $99.00 Ea.
36″ – 46″ total length
ORDER# 22-7005L… $99.00 Ea.
46″ – 58″ total length
ORDER# 22-7005XL… $99.00 Ea.
58″ – 70″ total length

ideal for patients who needs the reminder of a lap belt but who is able to self-release. At the instant that the belt is separated an alarm sounds to alert staff and remind the patient to remain seated. The durable nylon belt features a bright red pull strap to facilitate locating and releasing. The detachable alarm box features a tamper resistant switch, low battery warning, LED Indicator, full perimeter silicone jacket, hook and loop mounting strap with upholstery clip. 9 volt battery included.


ORDER# 22-7018… $32.00 Ea.

  • Reduces theft by preventing folding of wheelchair.
  • Chrome plated heavy steel bracket installs easily on most wheelchairs in minutes.
  • Holds chair frame open and locks in place with either keyed padlock or bolt and nut (Both included)

ORDER# 22-SM2BAS… $29.95 St.
Replacement Brake Arm Set For Pneumatic Tires

ORDER# 22-OSUBOLT… $15.95 Kt.
Large U-Bolt Kit (4)

ORDER# 22-SM22H… $19.95 Kt.
Complete Mounting Hardware Kit
ORDER# 22-QRP… $4.00 Ea.
Quick Release Pin (Need 2 Per Chair)