NOA Original Handsets

Order# 21-1075… Handset for Old Style AP Riser & Resident Beds

  • Handset for AP Riser, old style
  • 8-button pendant with 8-pin Din round plug
  • Retractable Rail Hanger

Order# 21-10758… NOA Elite Riser V-Riser Bed Control 8-Function

  • 8-Button Handset
  • Fits Both NOA Elite Riser And V-Riser Beds
  • Sub-Acute Bed Control Allows User To Achieve Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg Positions
  • Convenient Plug And Play Technology: Instantly And Inexpensively Converts Any NOA Bed Into A Sub-Acute Care Bed
  • Bed Control Plugs In On Either The Left Or The Right Side Of The Bed
  • For beds Made after April 2006
  • 13-Pin Connector

Order# 21-10757… Handset for AP Riser,​ V Riser & Resident Bed

  • For beds ordered After April 2006
  • Current Style
  • 8-Button
  • 8-Pin DIN plug

Order# 21-10757… Handset for AP Riser, V Riser & Resident Bed…. Replaced With Above Style

  • For beds ordered before April 2006
  • Old Style
  • 8 buttons
  • 8-pin DIN plug

Order# 21-1221… Handset for NOA Resident Electric Bed

  • 8-Button Handset
  • 8-Pin Din Plug w/Coiled Cord

Order# 21-2563… Handset for NOA Elite Riser

  • 8-Button Handset
  • 10-Pin Modular Plug